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Top 12 Ways To Get Free Gems in Call of Dragons Which You Have to Know

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top twelve methods to earn free gems in Call of Dragons. Gems are the primary currency in Call of Dragons, and they can be used to buy dragon eggs, artifacts, and other valuable items, so it’s crucial to know how to earn them withour spending real money. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Online generators

A prevalent approach for acquiring free gems in Call of Dragons is through the utilization of online generators. Understandably, some players might harbor doubts regarding their legitimacy and effectiveness. However, after thorough research and analysis, we’ve discovered one generator that is not only reliable but also safe and efficient.

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This generator is user-friendly, doesn’t require any downloads, and doesn’t ask for any sensitive information. Simply enter your Call of Dragons username, select the amount of free gems you want, and you’re good to go! Remember to use this generator responsibly and avoid abusing it, as it might lead to account suspension or banning.

2. Complete daily challenges

The second method is simple and straightforward: complete your daily challenges. By doing so, you’ll receive a chest that contains various useful items, including 100 gems. This means you can earn 100 gems every single day just by logging in and completing the tasks assigned to you.

3. Collect illustrations

The third method involves collecting illustrations. As you explore the open world, you’ll come across creatures, heroes, artifacts, and anecdotes that offer unclaimed rewards. By discovering these for the first time and clicking the corresponding gift box, you’ll receive five gems for each new discovery. While five gems might not sound like much, the total amount you can collect from these illustrations can easily exceed 500 to 1,000 gems.

4. Exploring the mist

By clicking on your Scout camp, you’ll see the various discoveries your Scouts have made throughout the world. Most of these discoveries will reward you with free gems. This is why exploring the mist and revealing the entirety of the map is crucial, and you should be doing it consistently.

Some of the specific elements that reward you with gems include supplies, villages, and camps. Although getting gems from supplies may be relatively rare, it’s definitely possible. When it comes to villages and camps, you’ll sometimes have a choice between receiving an item or five gems. If you’re a free-to-play player, you should prioritize acquiring the gems.

Moreover, you’ll also earn gems by discovering map locations. By tapping on the map in the explore page, you’ll see little red bubbles on various locations. Tapping on these will reveal a jumping gift box, which rewards you with five gems. So, as you explore the map, you’ll uncover free gems from supplies, villages, and other elements while also earning gems simply for exploring.

5. Group conversations

The fifth method to earn gems involves group conversations. These events occur randomly in your city when specific heroes are present. An exclamation point will appear over them, and by clicking on the book icon in the top right corner and selecting ‘conversations,’ you’ll find these group interactions. These conversations provide background on the relationships between the heroes and unlock 50 gems, a gold key, and three hours of training speed-ups once completed. Every conversation rewards you with 50 gems and a gold key, which is essential for acquiring epic or legendary heroes.

6. Behemoths

Method number six for earning gems involves Behemoths. There are two ways to get a significant number of gems for free through the Behemoth system in the game. The first way is by participating in the first purification rewards. As the season progresses, more Behemoths become available for challenging. By participating in the first purification of a Behemoth, you’ll gain 500 gems. The amount of damage you deal during this event doesn’t affect the gems you earn.

The second way to earn gems through Behemoths is by participating in Elite raids with the Behemoths that your alliance owns. These raids not only help you level up the Behemoths, but also reward you with gems. For example, if you’re a member of the first alliance on your server to complete an Elite raid within a certain timeframe, you’ll gain additional gems. This highlights the importance of being part of a strong and active alliance, as thousands of gems can be earned for free by participating in various Behemoth events.

7. Auger Stone

Method number seven involves the Auger Stone, a building in your city that tracks the progress of the season in your kingdom or server. The Auger Stone displays several server milestones that you’ll reach as time goes on, and almost all of these milestones reward you with gems. It is important to participate in and complete each milestone to maximize your gem earnings. Missing out on these milestones means losing out on potential gems.

The game’s milestones are time-sensitive, so check the Auger Stone periodically to ensure you are completing the tasks required. By actively participating in these milestones, you can easily earn over a thousand gems for free throughout the course of the game.

8. Progress through the story

Method number eight involves progressing through the game’s story. By clicking the book icon in the bottom corner and following the season adventure, you’ll complete various chapters and stories within the game. Each completed story rewards you with gems, so the more you progress, the more gems you earn.

9. Complete main quests

Method number nine is related to your main quests. These quests require you to reach certain goals, such as having a specific number of troops or leveling up a hero. As you complete these main quests, you’ll be rewarded with gems. While some rewards may be small, like five gems, these rewards add up over time, resulting in thousands of gems as you progress through the game. Some main quests are tied to the game’s story, meaning progressing through the story (method seven) will also help you complete main quests and earn more gems. Keep in mind that completing main quests may take time, especially for free-to-play players.

10. Participate in weekly and holiday events

Method number ten involves participating in weekly and holiday events. These events appear in the top-right corner of the screen, represented by a scroll and sword icon. Some of these limited-time events offer opportunities to earn gems, such as the “Great Halls” event that rewards gems for upgrading your city hall. Additionally, special holiday events, like Halloween, Christmas, or New Year’s, often include gem rewards as well. Saving up your combat points to use during these events can yield a good return on investment in the form of gems.

11. Join an alliance

Method number eleven is joining an alliance with players who are willing to spend money on the game. These “whale” alliances often have players who make purchases, which can result in free gems for other alliance members through rare chests. To join a whale alliance as a free-to-play (F2P) player, you need to offer something valuable to the alliance. This can include:

  1. Being active and online often to provide help to other alliance members.
  2. Becoming knowledgeable about the game, its heroes, pairings, artifacts, and strategies.
  3. Offering your time and knowledge as an officer (R4) within the alliance, managing research and other alliance activities.
  4. Being friendly and diplomatic, making friends in the game, and fostering a positive environment within the alliance.

By contributing in these ways, F2P players can become valuable members of powerful alliances, which can lead to earning more free gems.

12. Gather free gems in the world

Method number 12 involves gathering gems out in the world. To do this, you first need to unlock the policy board and progress through the beginner policies until you can unlock gem prospecting. Once you have unlocked this ability, you can find gem mines on the map and mine them for free by sending gatherers to collect gems. Higher and lower-level mines will provide different amounts of gems, and you can mine up to 1,000 gems per day.

However, there are a few caveats to this method:

  1. The more gems you gather, the slower your gathering speed, which resets every week. You may want to focus on gathering gems at the beginning of the week and then slow down as your gathering speed decreases.
  2. Make sure to use a gathering hero for this activity, as they have talents like “windfall” that can provide additional rewards when depleting a resource point.
  3. There is an opportunity cost to mining gems, as it means you’re not gathering other resources like gold, wood, or ore. To work around this, you can consider creating a farm account to gather these resources and send them to your main city.

By gathering gems in the world, you can acquire free gems while also taking advantage of additional rewards from gathering hero talents. Just remember to balance your gem gathering with the need for other resources to continue your progress in the game.


Alright, to wrap it all up, we’ve talked about a bunch of different ways to score in-game goodies, like finishing daily tasks, joining events, or playing around with the policy board. At the end of the day, having a blast in any game is all about finding that sweet spot between using these tips and just diving headfirst into the game’s world. Give these methods a try, play it smart, and you’ll be well on your way to leveling up your gaming fun!

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