how to get free gems in beatstar

How to Get Free Gems in Beatstar: The Ultimate Guide for Android and iOS

Beatstar, the rhythm-based mobile game, has become a hit sensation among Android and iOS users. The game offers a thrilling experience with its catchy tunes and challenges that test your sense of timing. One of the essential in-game currencies in Beatstar are gems, which allow players to unlock new songs, power-ups, and more. But sometimes, purchasing gems can be expensive. Luckily, there are ways to get free gems, and we’ve got the ultimate guide right here for you. Let’s dive in!

Online Generators – A Quick and Easy Way to Get Free Gems:

Online generators are a popular method of acquiring free gems in various mobile games, including Beatstar. These generators allow you to input your game account information and generate a specific amount of gems directly to your account. While some might worry about the safety of using these tools, we’ve found a reliable and secure generator that has proven to work wonders for thousands of Beatstar players. You can access this incredible gem generator here: Best Beatstar Gem Generator.

Remember to use online generators responsibly and never share your personal information with unverified websites. With the right generator, you’ll be on your way to unlocking new content in Beatstar without spending a dime!

Gift Cards – An Alternative Approach to Free Gems:

Another method to get free gems in Beatstar is through gift cards. By participating in various online surveys, watching videos, or completing tasks on websites like Swagbucks or InstaGC, you can earn points that can be redeemed for Google Play or Apple Store gift cards. These gift cards can be used to purchase gems in the game.

Make sure to only use trusted websites when participating in these activities to ensure your time and effort is rewarded.

Contact the Game Developers – A Direct Request for Free Gems:

While it might seem like a long shot, some players have had success reaching out to the game developers and kindly requesting free gems. You can try contacting the Beatstar developers at their official email address ([email protected]) and explain your situation. Perhaps you’re an avid fan of the game but can’t afford to purchase gems, or you’ve encountered a technical issue that cost you gems. The developers may be generous and grant your request.

However, keep in mind that this method is not guaranteed and depends on the goodwill of the developers.

In-Game Events and Promotions – Stay Alert for Opportunities:

Beatstar developers frequently host in-game events, promotions, and contests that can provide an excellent opportunity to earn free gems. By participating in these events, you can not only enhance your gameplay experience but also unlock valuable rewards, including gems. Ensure you’re following Beatstar’s official social media accounts, such as their Facebook and Twitter, to stay updated on the latest events and promotions.

Referral Programs – Spread the Love and Earn Gems:

Some mobile games, like Beatstar, offer referral programs to incentivize players to invite their friends to join the game. By sharing your unique referral code or link with friends, you can earn free gems whenever they install the game and reach specific milestones. Make sure to check the in-game settings or announcements to see if Beatstar currently offers a referral program.

Watch Video Ads – A Small Investment of Time for Free Gems

Many free-to-play mobile games, including Beatstar, offer players the option to watch short video ads in exchange for in-game currency. While the amount of gems you receive per ad may not be significant, watching ads regularly can accumulate a decent sum over time. Look for the “Earn Gems” or “Watch Ad” button in the game’s menu or store to take advantage of this method.

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges – Consistency Pays Off:

Beatstar often features daily and weekly challenges that encourage players to log in and play regularly. By completing these challenges, you can earn various in-game rewards, including gems. Make sure to log in daily and check the challenges tab to see what tasks you can complete to rack up those free gems.


Getting free gems in Beatstar is possible with a little bit of creativity and determination. By combining these methods and using them consistently, you’ll be well on your way to collecting free gems in Beatstar and enjoying the game’s premium content without spending any money. 

Happy gaming, and may the rhythm be with you!

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