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Top War: Battle Game – 9 General Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS Users

Top War: Battle Game is an enthralling strategy game that has captured the hearts of mobile gamers worldwide. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this unique game blends base building, hero upgrading, and real-time battles with an innovative merging mechanic that sets it apart from other games in the genre. In Top War, you take on the role of a commander, tasked with leading your army to conquer territories, expand your empire, and fend off enemies in an immersive, ever-changing world.

Whether you are just starting your journey in Top War or already have some experience under your belt, there is always more to learn and strategies to discover. In this blog post, we will delve into ten general tips and tricks that will help you become a more formidable player, able to overcome challenges and dominate the battlefield. From mastering the art of merging and upgrading to making the most of daily tasks and challenges, these tips will guide you on your path to success in Top War: Battle Game. So, strap on your commander’s hat and get ready to explore new strategies and tactics to elevate your gameplay experience.

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1. Master the Art of Merging and Upgrading

Merging and upgrading are two core mechanics in Top War that set it apart from other strategy games. Understanding how to use these mechanics effectively is crucial for your success in the game. Here’s how to make the most of merging and upgrading in Top War:

Merging Buildings

Merging is essential for increasing the level and efficiency of your buildings. To merge buildings, simply drag one building onto another of the same type and level. For example, merging two level 1 mines will create a level 2 mine. As you merge buildings, they will become more powerful and efficient, producing more resources or offering better functionality.

  • Prioritize merging resource production buildings like mines, lumber mills, and farms to increase your income and sustain your base’s growth.
  • Merge training camps and barracks to unlock higher-tier units and strengthen your army.
  • Combine radar and defense buildings to improve your base’s overall defense capabilities.

Merging Units

Merging units work similarly to merging buildings. Drag one unit onto another of the same type and level to create a stronger unit. Merging units increases their stats, making them more effective in combat.

  • Merge infantry, naval, and air units to create a formidable and well-rounded army.
  • Merging units also increases their power level, which contributes to your overall combat power – a vital factor in determining the outcome of battles.

Upgrading Buildings and Units

Once you’ve merged your buildings and units, don’t forget to upgrade them. Upgrading buildings will unlock new features, increase resource production rates, or boost their defensive capabilities. Upgrading units, on the other hand, improves their stats and makes them more effective in combat.

  • Prioritize upgrading your Command Center, as it unlocks new buildings and features.
  • Focus on upgrading buildings that directly impact your resource production, army strength, or base defense.
  • Upgrade your units to make them more resilient and powerful in battles. This is especially important when facing more challenging opponents or participating in events with high-level enemies.

By mastering the art of merging and upgrading, you will significantly enhance your base and army’s capabilities, setting the stage for success in Top War.

2. Maximize Your Progress with Daily Tasks and Challenges

Daily tasks and challenges are an integral part of Top War, offering valuable rewards and opportunities to advance in the game. By consistently completing these tasks, you can significantly boost your progress and enhance your gaming experience. Here’s how to make the most of daily tasks and challenges:

  1. Understand the Types of Tasks: Top War features a variety of daily tasks, each with its own objectives and rewards. Some common task types include:
    • Building and upgrading structures
    • Training or merging troops
    • Participating in alliance activities
    • Attacking monsters on the world map

    Familiarize yourself with these tasks, as they will not only provide you with rewards but also guide you through the game’s mechanics and strategies.

  2. Plan Your Gameplay Around Daily Tasks: Instead of playing haphazardly, try to align your gameplay with the day’s tasks. This way, you can ensure that you are making the most of your in-game time, earning rewards while working towards your overall goals.
  3. Complete High-Value Tasks: Some tasks offer better rewards than others. Prioritize completing high-value tasks that grant essential resources, hero experience, or premium currency. These rewards will help you advance faster in the game, unlocking new features and powering up your base and heroes.
  4. Don’t Miss Timed Challenges: Top War also features timed challenges that rotate on a daily or weekly basis. These challenges often provide greater rewards and require more strategy and planning to complete. Make sure to participate in these challenges to maximize your rewards and hone your strategic skills.
  5. Use Task Rewards Wisely: The resources, experience, and items you receive from completing tasks can greatly impact your progress. Use these rewards wisely by investing in your base, heroes, and army. For example, use hero experience items to level up your strongest heroes or apply resource rewards to upgrade essential buildings.

By maximizing your progress with daily tasks and challenges, you’ll not only enhance your Top War experience but also become a more skilled and strategic player, ready to take on any challenge the game throws your way.

3. The Power of Alliances: Benefits and Strategies for Success

Joining an alliance in Top War is not only a smart move for your gameplay, but it also adds a social element that makes the experience more enjoyable. Alliances bring together players from all over the world, providing a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that can significantly impact your progress. Here’s how to harness the power of alliances and use them to your advantage:

  1. Choose the Right Alliance: When looking for an alliance, consider factors such as the alliance’s level, member count, activity, and language. Joining an active and well-established alliance can provide you with better opportunities for growth and support. However, don’t be afraid to start in a smaller alliance and grow with the group, as this can also be a rewarding experience.
  2. Communicate and Collaborate: Active communication with your alliance members is crucial for success. Use the in-game chat to share tips, coordinate attacks, and request help. Working together and sharing strategies can significantly improve your gameplay and help you achieve common goals.
  3. Request and Offer Help: One of the main benefits of being in an alliance is the ability to request help from fellow members. When you upgrade buildings or research technologies, you can ask your alliance members to speed up the process, reducing waiting times. Be sure to return the favor and help your teammates whenever possible.
  4. Participate in Alliance Events and Missions: Alliances offer various events and missions that provide opportunities for growth and rewards. Some examples include Alliance Boss Battles, Alliance Territory Wars, and Alliance Research. Participating in these events will not only grant you valuable resources and items but also contribute to the overall success of your alliance.
  5. Benefit from Alliance Technology and Store: Upgrading alliance technologies can provide various boosts and benefits to all alliance members, including increased resource production, faster construction and research times, and stronger troops. Also, the alliance store offers exclusive items that can be purchased with alliance currency, which is earned through alliance activities and donations.
  6. Learn from Experienced Players: Being part of an alliance gives you access to players with different skill levels and experience. Take advantage of this wealth of knowledge by asking questions and learning from your fellow commanders. This can significantly improve your gameplay and help you avoid common pitfalls.

By harnessing the power of alliances, you can significantly enhance your Top War experience and enjoy the benefits of teamwork and collaboration. Remember, a strong alliance is the cornerstone of any successful empire, so choose your allies wisely and work together to dominate the battlefield.

4. Resource Management: Balancing Production and Storage for a Thriving Base

Managing resources is a crucial aspect of Top War that can greatly impact your base’s growth and development. By striking a balance between resource production and storage, you can ensure that your empire remains well-funded and fortified. Follow these tips to optimize your resource management in Top War:

Upgrade Resource Production Buildings

Resource production buildings, such as mines, farms, and lumber mills, provide the essential resources needed to construct buildings, train troops, and research technologies. Focus on upgrading these buildings regularly to increase their output and keep your resources flowing.

  • Prioritize upgrading buildings that produce resources you are lacking, to maintain a balanced income.
  • Make the most of boosts and bonuses that increase resource production, such as those from alliance technologies, hero skills, or research.

Manage Resource Storage

As your resource production increases, you must ensure that your warehouses can accommodate the growing stockpile. Upgrade your warehouses to increase their capacity and prevent resources from reaching their maximum limit.

  • Monitor your warehouse capacities regularly and plan upgrades accordingly.
  • Keep an eye on your resources, and consider using excess resources for upgrades or troop training before they reach their storage limit.

Protect Your Resources

In Top War, your resources can be targeted by enemy attacks. To minimize your losses, it’s essential to safeguard your resources by:

  • Strategically placing defensive structures around your resource production buildings and warehouses.
  • Investing in research and alliance technologies that improve resource protection.
  • Storing excess resources in your inventory as items, if possible, as these cannot be stolen during an attack.

Balance Resource Consumption

Ensure that your base’s resource consumption remains sustainable by maintaining a balance between troop upkeep, building maintenance, and research costs.

  • Keep an eye on your upkeep costs, especially when training large numbers of troops, as high upkeep can quickly drain your resources.
  • Plan your upgrades and research strategically, avoiding resource bottlenecks that can hinder your progress.

Utilize Resource Gathering

In addition to your base’s resource production, you can gather resources from the world map. Send your troops to occupy resource tiles and collect additional supplies.

  • Choose resource tiles that provide the resources you need most.
  • Invest in research and hero skills that improve resource gathering speed and capacity.

By balancing resource production and storage, you can create a thriving base that can withstand the challenges of Top War. Efficient resource management not only fuels your empire’s growth but also provides you with the means to expand your territory and strengthen your military might.

5. The Importance of Research: Boosting Your Empire’s Capabilities

Research plays a pivotal role in Top War, allowing you to unlock new technologies that can enhance various aspects of your base and army. Investing in research strategically can significantly improve your gameplay and help you achieve your goals more effectively. Here’s how to make the most of research in Top War:

Understand the Research Categories

Top War’s research center offers four primary categories, each focusing on different aspects of the game:

  • Development: Boosts resource production, construction, and research speeds.
  • Military: Enhances the power and capabilities of your troops.
  • Defense: Improves your base’s defense mechanisms and provides additional protection.
  • Legion: Offers various benefits for your alliance, including increasing alliance currency and improving alliance store items.

Familiarize yourself with the different research categories and prioritize technologies that align with your gameplay style and objectives.

Focus on Essential Technologies

While all research can provide benefits, some technologies have a more significant impact on your gameplay. Consider prioritizing the following research areas:

  • Construction and Research Speed: Reducing the time it takes to build and research will accelerate your overall progress.
  • Resource Production and Gathering: Boosting your resource income ensures you have the means to upgrade your base, train troops, and conduct research.
  • Troop Health, Attack, and Defense: Strengthening your troops is crucial for success in battles, whether against other players, monsters, or event challenges.

Balance Your Research Efforts

While it’s essential to focus on specific research areas, avoid neglecting other categories entirely. Strive to maintain a balanced approach to research, as this will provide you with a well-rounded base and army that can adapt to various challenges.

Coordinate with Your Alliance

Research in the Legion category benefits all alliance members. Coordinate with your alliance to ensure that multiple players are investing in different Legion technologies, providing a variety of benefits for everyone in the group.

Use Research Speed-Up Items Wisely

Throughout the game, you will acquire research speed-up items as rewards or from the store. Use these items strategically to complete high-priority research projects faster or to overcome resource bottlenecks.

By investing in research and unlocking powerful technologies, you can significantly enhance your base’s capabilities and strengthen your army. Remember, a well-researched empire is a formidable force on the battlefield, so choose your research priorities wisely and adapt your strategies as needed.

6. Mastering Hero Management: Recruitment, Upgrades, and Synergies

Heroes are a central aspect of Top War, providing unique abilities and stat boosts that can greatly influence your base’s growth and your army’s performance in battles. To make the most of your heroes, it’s essential to understand how to recruit, upgrade, and synergize them effectively. Follow these tips to master hero management in Top War:

Recruit and Collect Heroes

Top War features various methods for recruiting heroes, such as Hero Summoning, events, and purchasing them from the store. Aim to collect a diverse roster of heroes with different abilities and roles to create versatile and powerful teams.

  • Take advantage of free daily Hero Summoning chances and participate in events that offer hero recruitment opportunities.
  • Save up premium currency or summoning tokens to perform multiple summons at once, increasing your chances of obtaining high-quality heroes.

Upgrade and Level Up Your Heroes

To unleash your heroes’ full potential, focus on upgrading and leveling them up. This can be done by:

  • Using hero EXP items or assigning them to resource production buildings to gain experience over time.
  • Promoting heroes using hero shards or universal hero shards, which can be obtained through events, hero summoning, or the alliance store.
  • Enhancing hero skills with skill books, which can be acquired through various game activities and events.

Create Powerful Hero Teams

Once you have a diverse roster of heroes, it’s time to create powerful teams that can excel in battles and provide valuable buffs to your base. Consider the following when building your teams:

  • Mix and match heroes with complementary skills and abilities, ensuring that your team has a balance of offensive, defensive, and support heroes.
  • Pay attention to hero faction bonuses, which provide additional stat boosts when heroes from the same faction are grouped together.
  • Experiment with different hero combinations to find the most effective teams for various game modes, such as PvP battles, PvE events, or resource gathering.

Make Use of Hero Synergies

Top War features a synergy system that allows heroes to provide stat boosts and special effects when certain conditions are met. For example, some heroes grant additional bonuses when paired with specific heroes or when they belong to the same faction. Explore these synergies to create even more powerful and effective teams.

Manage Your Heroes’ Equipment

Equipping your heroes with powerful gear can further enhance their abilities and stats. Obtain equipment from in-game events, the alliance store, or by crafting it using materials gathered from the world map. Upgrade and enhance your heroes’ equipment to maximize their potential in battle.

By mastering hero management, you can significantly improve your gameplay experience and bolster your empire’s growth and military prowess. A powerful roster of heroes is an invaluable asset in Top War, so invest time and resources into building and nurturing your team to dominate the battlefield.

7. Mastering Combat: Troop Merging, Strategy, and Battle Tactics

In Top War, combat plays a crucial role in your overall success, whether you’re facing off against other players, monsters, or engaging in event battles. To maximize your combat effectiveness, it’s essential to understand troop merging, battle strategies, and tactics. Follow these tips to master the art of combat in Top War:

Master the Art of Troop Merging

Top War’s innovative merging mechanic allows you to combine troops of the same level to create stronger units. Merging troops strategically can significantly improve your army’s performance in battles.

  • Regularly merge troops to keep your army up-to-date with your base’s level.
  • Experiment with different troop combinations to find the most effective army composition for various situations.
  • Keep an eye on your troop upkeep and avoid merging too many troops, as this can drain your resources.

Understand Troop Types and Counters

Top War features three primary troop types: Infantry, Vehicle, and Navy. Each troop type has strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited in battles:

  • Infantry is strong against Navy but weak against Vehicles.
  • Vehicles are strong against Infantry but weak against Navy.
  • Navy is strong against Vehicles but weak against Infantry.

Understanding these troop counters can help you plan your army composition and strategy more effectively, giving you the upper hand in battles.

Leverage Hero Skills and Abilities

The heroes you assign to your troops can greatly influence the outcome of a battle. Make sure to select heroes with abilities and skills that complement your army composition and strategy.

  • Choose heroes with strong offensive skills for aggressive strategies or heroes with defensive and support abilities for more conservative tactics.
  • Pay attention to hero synergies and faction bonuses, as these can provide additional stat boosts to your troops.

Plan Your Attacks and Defenses Strategically

In Top War, battles are not just about brute force but also require strategic planning and execution. Consider the following when planning your attacks and defenses:

  • Scout your enemies to gather information on their troop composition, hero assignments, and base defenses.
  • Adjust your army composition and hero assignments based on your target’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Coordinate with your alliance members to launch joint attacks or provide reinforcements when defending.

Learn from Your Battles

Every battle in Top War, whether won or lost, can provide valuable insights into your strategies and tactics. Analyze your battle reports to identify areas for improvement and adjust your approach accordingly.

By mastering combat in Top War, you can not only conquer your enemies and expand your territory but also become a more skilled and strategic player. Remember, the art of war is not just about having the strongest army but also about outsmarting your opponents and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the battlefield.

8. Participate in Events and Challenges for Rewards and Progress

Top War offers a wide array of events and challenges that provide opportunities to earn valuable rewards and accelerate your progress in the game. Participating in these activities can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and help you achieve your objectives more effectively. Here are some tips to make the most of events and challenges in Top War:

Stay Informed on Active Events

Top War features a variety of events that rotate regularly. Some events last for a few days, while others may last for weeks. Keep an eye on the events tab to stay informed about active and upcoming events, as well as their respective requirements and rewards.

Prioritize High-Value Events

With so many events happening simultaneously, it’s essential to prioritize those that offer the most significant benefits for your gameplay objectives. Focus on events that provide high-value rewards, such as hero shards, equipment, or resources needed for your base’s development.

Plan Your Activities Around Events

Many events in Top War require you to complete specific tasks, such as upgrading buildings, recruiting heroes, or engaging in battles. To maximize your rewards, try to align your in-game activities with event requirements. For example, if an event rewards you for upgrading buildings, prioritize those upgrades during the event period to earn additional rewards.

Participate in Alliance Events

Some events require the cooperation of your entire alliance to achieve common goals. These events can provide significant rewards and benefits to all alliance members, so make sure to participate and contribute to your alliance’s success. Examples of alliance events include Alliance Boss Battles and Alliance Territory Wars.

Complete Daily Challenges

Top War also features daily challenges that reset every day, offering smaller rewards for completing tasks like gathering resources or merging troops. Be sure to complete these daily challenges to maintain a steady stream of resources, currency, and items.

Keep an Eye on Limited-Time Offers

Top War occasionally offers limited-time promotions and special offers that provide valuable items or resources at a discounted price. Monitor these offers and take advantage of them when they align with your gameplay objectives and resource needs.

By actively participating in events and challenges, you can not only earn valuable rewards but also improve your skills and strategies in Top War. Remember, success in the game is not just about building a powerful base and army but also about seizing opportunities and making the most of every situation.

9. Trading and the Alliance Store: Maximizing Benefits and Resource Efficiency

The trading system and the alliance store in Top War offer additional opportunities to obtain valuable resources, items, and equipment that can enhance your gameplay experience. By maximizing the benefits of trading and the alliance store, you can improve your resource efficiency and strengthen your base and army. Here are some tips to make the most of these features:

Engage in Resource Trading

Top War allows players to trade resources with their alliance members, which can be beneficial when you have an abundance of one resource type and a shortage of another. Coordinate with your alliance to exchange resources and ensure that all members have the necessary supplies for their base’s development and troop training.

  • Communicate your resource needs with your alliance members and be open to trading requests from others.
  • Be mindful of the trading tax, which deducts a small percentage of the traded resources. Aim to trade in larger quantities to minimize the tax impact.

Participate in Alliance Donations

Alliance donations are a key way to contribute to your alliance’s growth and development, as well as earn alliance currency. You can use alliance currency to purchase valuable items, equipment, and hero shards from the alliance store.

  • Regularly donate resources or speed-ups to your alliance’s technology research, which not only earns you alliance currency but also benefits all alliance members through research perks.
  • Prioritize donating resources that you have in abundance or that are easily replenishable.

Optimize Your Alliance Store Purchases

The alliance store offers a wide array of items, ranging from resources and speed-ups to hero shards and equipment. To maximize the benefits of the alliance store, prioritize purchases that align with your gameplay objectives and resource needs.

  • Focus on buying items that are difficult to obtain through regular gameplay or that can significantly impact your progress, such as hero shards or high-quality equipment.
  • Plan your purchases strategically, considering the refresh times of the alliance store and the availability of items.

Participate in the Trading House

The Trading House is a feature where players can exchange various in-game items and resources with other players. Keep an eye on the Trading House for offers that can benefit your gameplay, and consider listing items or resources that you have in excess.

  • Monitor the Trading House for offers that align with your needs and be prepared to act quickly, as popular items may be in high demand.
  • When listing items in the Trading House, set competitive prices to increase the chances of a successful trade.

By maximizing the benefits of trading and the alliance store, you can improve your resource efficiency and obtain valuable items that contribute to your base’s growth and your army’s strength. Remember, success in Top War is not just about individual achievements but also about cooperation and resourcefulness, so make the most of these features to support your alliance and enhance your gameplay experience.


In conclusion, Top War is a captivating and complex mobile game that offers countless opportunities for strategic gameplay, cooperation, and growth. By following these ten tips, you can maximize your progress, strengthen your base and army, and enjoy a more rewarding gaming experience. Remember that the key to success in Top War lies in your ability to adapt, strategize, and collaborate with other players.

To further enhance your gameplay experience and knowledge, consider joining Top War forums, communities, or social media groups where players share their experiences, tips, and strategies. Additionally, you can check out various online resources, guides, and YouTube channels dedicated to Top War. Here are some useful links to get you started:

  1. Top War Subreddit:
  2. Top War Community on Discord:
  3. Top War Official Facebook Page:
  4. Top War Guide and Tips YouTube Channel:

By actively engaging with the Top War community and utilizing available resources, you can further improve your skills and strategies in the game. Embrace the challenges, forge friendships, and conquer the battlefield in Top War!

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