How to Get Free Power Cores in MARVEL Strike Force

In the thrilling world of MARVEL Strike Force, a mobile game developed by FoxNext, Power Cores serve as a vital currency. They are the heartbeat of the game, pulsing through every aspect of your gameplay experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the MARVEL universe, understanding the importance of Power Cores is crucial to your success in the game.

Power Cores are used for a variety of purposes within the game. They can refresh energy, allowing you to participate in more battles and missions. They can speed up timers, reducing the waiting time for upgrades and unlocks. They can also be used to purchase premium orbs, which contain valuable resources and characters shards to strengthen your team. In essence, Power Cores can significantly enhance your gameplay, providing you with more opportunities to progress and succeed.

While the game offers the option to purchase Power Cores with real money, it’s not the only way to acquire them. In fact, there are several methods within the game that allow you to earn Power Cores for free. This is a boon for players who wish to enjoy the game without spending a dime, or for those who simply want to supplement their Power Core supply.

This blog post aims to be your comprehensive guide to earning free Power Cores in MARVEL Strike Force. We will delve into the various methods available, from completing daily objectives and participating in Arena battles, to achieving long-term goals and taking part in special events. Each section will provide detailed instructions and tips to help you maximize your Power Core earnings.

So, whether you’re assembling your team of superheroes and villains for the first time, or looking to take your gameplay to the next level, this guide is for you. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting ways to earn free Power Cores in MARVEL Strike Force.

1. Utilize Online Generators

Online generators are tools designed to help players generate game resources, including Power Cores, without the need for extensive gameplay or monetary investment. They can be a handy resource, especially when you need a quick Power Core boost.

One such online generator is this one: Click here to access it

This tool is designed with user-friendliness in mind, requiring only minimal information to generate Power Cores. Simply enter your MARVEL Strike Force username, select the number of Power Cores you’d like to generate, and click “Start.” The Power Cores will be added to your account shortly, ready for you to use as you please.

However, it’s important to use these tools responsibly. While they can provide a quick influx of Power Cores, they should not replace the enjoyment and satisfaction of gameplay. MARVEL Strike Force is a game designed for fun and challenge, and earning Power Cores through gameplay can be a rewarding experience.

Moreover, always ensure that the online generator you’re using is safe and secure. Avoid providing personal information and be cautious of generators that require downloads. Your online safety should always be a priority.

So, if you’re in need of a quick Power Core boost, consider using an online generator. Harness the power of technology and keep your Power Core count soaring!

2. Daily Objectives

Daily objectives are a consistent and straightforward way to earn free Power Cores in MARVEL Strike Force. These tasks are designed to guide your gameplay and encourage you to explore different aspects of the game. They range from simple tasks like logging in daily, to more involved ones such as winning a certain number of battles, upgrading your characters, or participating in specific game modes.

Each completed daily objective rewards you with a certain number of Power Cores. The amount varies depending on the complexity and difficulty of the task. For instance, easier tasks like logging in might reward you with a smaller number of Power Cores, while more challenging tasks like winning battles could offer a higher amount.

To maximize your Power Core earnings from daily objectives, here are some tips:

  • Check your daily objectives list every day: The list of daily objectives refreshes every 24 hours. Make it a habit to check the list as soon as you log in to the game. This will give you a clear idea of the tasks you need to complete for the day.

  • Prioritize harder tasks: While it might be tempting to complete the easier tasks first, prioritizing the harder ones can be more beneficial. These tasks usually offer more Power Cores upon completion. Plus, they often involve aspects of the game that can reward you with additional resources.

  • Complete all daily objectives: Try to complete all the daily objectives within the 24-hour period. Doing so will not only earn you all the Power Core rewards but also a bonus for completing all tasks.

  • Plan your gameplay: Some daily objectives might require more time or specific resources. Plan your gameplay accordingly to ensure you can complete these tasks within the day.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to daily objectives. Regularly completing these tasks can provide a steady stream of Power Cores, helping you progress faster in the game.

3. Arena Battles

Arena Battles are a competitive player versus player (PvP) mode in MARVEL Strike Force that can be a significant source of Power Cores. In the Arena, you pit your team against the teams of other players. The goal is to climb the ranks, with higher ranks yielding more Power Cores at the end of each day.

Here’s how you can maximize your Power Core earnings from Arena Battles:

  • Build a Balanced Team: Your success in the Arena largely depends on the strength and synergy of your team. Try to build a balanced team with characters that complement each other’s abilities. Also, regularly upgrade your characters to keep them competitive.

  • Understand Your Opponents: Before each battle, you get a preview of your opponent’s team. Use this information to your advantage. If you see a character that could pose a significant threat, consider adjusting your team or strategy accordingly.

  • Participate Regularly: Arena rankings are dynamic and can change as other players win and lose battles. To maintain or improve your rank, participate in Arena battles regularly. You get five free Arena charges per day, use them wisely.

  • Strategize Your Attacks: Winning in the Arena is not just about having the strongest characters. It also requires strategy. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your characters, and use their abilities strategically during battles.

  • Aim for Higher Ranks: The higher your rank in the Arena, the more Power Cores you earn at the end of the day. Even if it seems challenging, aim for higher ranks. Every battle won gets you closer to the top and to more Power Cores.

Remember, the Arena is a competitive space, and rankings can change rapidly. Stay active, strategize your battles, and keep improving your team to earn a steady stream of Power Cores.

4. Achievements

Achievements in MARVEL Strike Force are long-term goals that reward you with Power Cores and other valuable resources upon completion. These tasks range from simple ones like leveling up your account to more complex ones like winning a certain number of battles or collecting a specific number of character shards.

Here’s how you can maximize your Power Core earnings from Achievements:

  • Keep an Eye on Your Achievements: Regularly check your Achievements tab to know what goals you’re close to completing. This will help you prioritize your gameplay activities and work towards completing these tasks.

  • Plan Your Gameplay: Some Achievements require specific actions like upgrading a certain type of character or participating in a particular game mode. Plan your gameplay accordingly to work towards these Achievements.

  • Don’t Rush: Achievements are meant to be long-term goals, so don’t rush to complete them. Instead, let them naturally progress as you play the game. Trying to rush them might divert resources from more immediate needs.

  • Balance Your Focus: While working towards Achievements, don’t neglect other aspects of the game like daily objectives or Arena battles. A balanced focus will ensure you’re earning Power Cores from multiple sources.

  • Celebrate Your Progress: Every Achievement, no matter how small, is a sign of your progress in the game. Celebrate these milestones and use the Power Cores you earn to further enhance your gameplay.

Remember, Achievements are a marathon, not a sprint. They represent your long-term commitment to the game and reward you accordingly. Keep an eye on them, but don’t let them distract you from enjoying the game.

5. Special Events and Challenges

MARVEL Strike Force regularly hosts special events and challenges that provide an excellent opportunity to earn Power Cores. These events and challenges break the monotony of the game and offer unique gameplay experiences. They often revolve around specific themes or characters and can range from limited-time campaigns to competitive tournaments.

Here’s how you can maximize your Power Core earnings from Special Events and Challenges:

  • Stay Updated: Special events and challenges are usually announced in advance in the game’s news section or on the official social media channels. Make sure to stay updated with these announcements so you can prepare accordingly.

  • Understand the Requirements: Each event or challenge has specific requirements, such as having certain characters at a particular power level. Understanding these requirements in advance will help you prepare your roster and increase your chances of success.

  • Prioritize Participation: Even if you feel you might not be able to complete all the stages of an event or rank high in a challenge, it’s still worth participating. Most events and challenges reward you based on the level of participation or progress, so you’ll still earn some Power Cores.

  • Strategize Your Gameplay: Some events and challenges can be quite difficult and may require specific strategies to complete. Use online resources, such as community forums or guides, to help you strategize your gameplay.

  • Don’t Neglect Your Regular Tasks: While it’s exciting to participate in special events and challenges, don’t neglect your regular tasks like daily objectives or Arena battles. Balancing these tasks with event participation will ensure a steady stream of Power Cores.

Remember, special events and challenges are not just about earning Power Cores. They also offer unique rewards, like character shards or gear, and provide a fun break from the regular gameplay. So, participate and enjoy these special occasions in the MARVEL Strike Force universe.

6. Free Offers

Occasionally, MARVEL Strike Force will present free offers that include Power Cores. These offers are typically tied to special events, game updates, or milestones, and they provide an excellent opportunity to boost your Power Core balance without any effort.

Here’s how you can maximize your Power Core earnings from Free Offers:

  • Stay Alert: Free offers can pop up at any time, so it’s essential to stay alert. Check the in-game store and your inbox regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on these opportunities.

  • Act Quickly: Most free offers are time-limited and can disappear if not claimed within the given timeframe. As soon as you see a free offer, claim it immediately to avoid missing out.

  • Follow Official Channels: The game’s official social media channels often announce special free offers. Make sure to follow these channels to stay updated.

  • Celebrate Milestones: Free offers often coincide with game milestones or special occasions like the game’s anniversary. Celebrate these milestones with the game and look out for free offers during these times.

  • Understand the Terms: Some free offers might require you to perform specific actions, like logging in for a certain number of days or participating in a special event. Make sure you understand these terms so you can claim your free Power Cores.

Remember, free offers are a gift from the game developers. They might not come around often, but when they do, they provide a significant boost to your Power Core balance. So, stay alert, act quickly, and enjoy these unexpected surprises.

7. Alliance Raids

Alliance Raids are cooperative missions where you team up with your Alliance members to take on a series of battles. Completing these raids not only strengthens your Alliance but also rewards you with Power Cores and other valuable resources.

Here’s how you can maximize your Power Core earnings from Alliance Raids:

  • Join an Active Alliance: Being part of an active Alliance is crucial to participate in Alliance Raids. If you’re not already in an Alliance, consider joining one. If your current Alliance isn’t very active, it might be worth finding a new one.

  • Participate Regularly: The more you participate in Alliance Raids, the more rewards you’ll earn. Try to participate in every raid your Alliance initiates.

  • Coordinate with Your Alliance: Alliance Raids require teamwork. Coordinate with your Alliance members to decide who will tackle which nodes in the raid. This will help ensure your Alliance completes the raid and earns the maximum rewards.

  • Upgrade Your Characters: Alliance Raids can be challenging, and having a strong team is essential. Regularly upgrade your characters to ensure you can contribute effectively to your Alliance’s raids.

  • Complete Higher Difficulty Raids: Higher difficulty raids offer better rewards. As your Alliance grows stronger, try to tackle higher difficulty raids to earn more Power Cores.

Remember, Alliance Raids are about teamwork. Working closely with your Alliance members will not only help you earn more Power Cores but also make the game more enjoyable.

8. Milestones

Milestones in MARVEL Strike Force are another excellent way to earn Power Cores. These are goals that you reach by performing specific actions in the game, such as spending gold, training characters, or winning battles. Once you reach a milestone, you are rewarded with Power Cores and other valuable resources.

Here’s how you can maximize your Power Core earnings from Milestones:

  • Understand the Milestones: Each milestone has specific requirements. Understanding these requirements will help you plan your gameplay and reach the milestones faster.

  • Regular Gameplay: The best way to reach milestones is through regular gameplay. The more you play, the more actions you perform, and the faster you reach milestones.

  • Prioritize Milestone Actions: If you’re close to reaching a milestone, consider prioritizing the actions that contribute to that milestone. For example, if you’re close to a milestone that requires spending gold, consider spending some gold to reach the milestone and earn the Power Cores.

  • Don’t Rush: While it’s good to reach milestones, don’t rush and spend resources unnecessarily. It’s better to reach milestones naturally through regular gameplay.

  • Check Milestones Regularly: Milestones are updated regularly, so make sure to check them often. This will help you stay updated on the current milestones and plan your gameplay accordingly.

Remember, milestones are not just about earning Power Cores. They also represent your progress in the game and reward you for your efforts. So, keep playing, reach those milestones, and enjoy the rewards.


Power Cores are an essential resource in MARVEL Strike Force, fueling various aspects of your gameplay and enhancing your overall experience. While purchasing them with real money is an option, there are numerous ways to earn them for free within the game. By strategically completing daily objectives, participating in Arena battles, achieving long-term goals, taking part in special events, and staying alert for free offers, you can earn a steady stream of Power Cores to boost your gameplay.

Remember, consistency is key. Regularly logging in and participating in different game modes will not only earn you Power Cores but also help you progress in the game and enjoy it to the fullest. And while it’s exciting to earn Power Cores, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. After all, MARVEL Strike Force is not just about collecting resources; it’s about immersing yourself in the MARVEL universe, assembling your dream team of superheroes and villains, and saving the world one battle at a time.

For more information, tips, and updates, make sure to visit the official MARVEL Strike Force website and follow their official social media channels:

These platforms will keep you updated on the latest news, events, and updates, helping you make the most of your MARVEL Strike Force experience.

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