how to get free coins in royal match

How to Get Free Coins in Royal Match: A Comprehensive Guide for Android and iOS Users

Are you a fan of the Royal Match game, but tired of spending money to progress? In this blog post, we’ll reveal some of the best tips and tricks to get free coins in Royal Match, enabling you to enjoy the game without breaking the bank. From online generators to contacting game developers, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

1. Online Generators: A Convenient and Reliable Option

The first method to get free coins in Royal Match is using online generators. Contrary to popular belief, online generators can be a reliable and legitimate way to obtain in-game currency. While some generators might be scams or ask for personal information, we’ve found the best and safest one for you.

Best Royal Match Online Generator

This generator is user-friendly, doesn’t require any downloads, and doesn’t ask for any sensitive information. Simply enter your Royal Match username, select the amount of free coins you want, and you’re good to go! Remember to use this generator responsibly and avoid abusing it, as it might lead to account suspension or banning.

2. Gift Card Method: A Legal and Widely Accepted Technique

Another excellent way to get free coins in Royal Match is through the gift card method. You can earn gift cards from various online platforms that can be redeemed for in-game currency. Some popular websites and apps to earn gift cards are:

By completing simple tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, or downloading apps, you can earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards. Once you’ve earned enough, redeem your gift cards for in-game currency and continue enjoying Royal Match without spending a dime.

3. Contacting Game Developers: An Unconventional Approach

Did you know that you can directly contact Royal Match game developers and request free coins? While this method might not always work, it’s worth a try. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Draft a polite and well-written email explaining why you’re requesting free coins.
  • Mention any technical issues or bugs you’ve encountered that may have affected your gameplay.
  • Compliment the game and express your appreciation for their hard work.

As mentioned also in previous posts, you can find the game developers’ contact information on their official website or within the game itself. There’s no guarantee that they’ll provide you with free coins, but it never hurts to try.

4. Social Media Giveaways and Contests

Another effective method to get free coins in Royal Match is by participating in social media giveaways and contests. Game developers and fan pages frequently host such events to engage with their audience and attract new players. To stay updated on these opportunities, follow the official Royal Match social media accounts and join related groups or communities.

Here are some platforms where you can find Royal Match giveaways and contests:

These events may require you to like, share, or comment on posts, or even create your own content. Make sure to read the contest rules and guidelines carefully to increase your chances of winning free coins.

5. In-Game Events and Daily Rewards

Royal Match frequently hosts in-game events that offer players a chance to earn free coins. These events may involve completing special challenges, reaching specific milestones, or participating in time-limited quests. Keep an eye on the game’s notifications and announcements to stay informed about upcoming events.

Additionally, Royal Match offers daily rewards for players who log in consistently. These rewards often include free coins, so make sure to log in every day, even if you don’t have time to play. The more days you log in consecutively, the better your rewards will be.

6. Referral Programs and Friend Bonuses


Some games, including Royal Match, offer referral programs or friend bonuses to encourage players to invite others to join the game. By inviting friends to play Royal Match using a unique referral code or link, you may be eligible to receive free coins or other in-game rewards.

To participate in the referral program or take advantage of friend bonuses, share your referral code or link with friends and family, or post it on social media platforms. Remember, the more people you invite who download and play the game, the more free coins you can potentially earn.

7. Collecting Coins from Chests Rewards

Chests are another fantastic source of free coins in Royal Match. Throughout the game, you will come across various types of chests that contain valuable rewards, including coins. These chests can be earned through different means, such as completing levels, reaching certain milestones, or as part of in-game events.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can obtain and benefit from chest rewards in Royal Match:

  • Level Completion Chests: After successfully completing certain levels in Royal Match, you may be rewarded with a chest. These chests often contain a mix of coins, boosters, and other useful items. Make sure to complete levels and claim your rewards to boost your coin balance.

  • Milestone Chests: As you progress in the game, you will reach specific milestones that unlock chests with valuable rewards. These milestones can be related to your level, the number of friends you’ve invited, or other in-game achievements. Keep an eye on your progress and claim your milestone rewards whenever they become available.

  • Event Chests: During special in-game events, you may have the opportunity to earn event-specific chests. These events can be time-limited or seasonal, so make sure to participate and claim your event chests while they’re available.

  • Daily Chests: Some games, like Royal Match, may offer daily chests as part of their daily rewards system. By logging in every day, you can unlock and claim these chests, which often contain free coins and other valuable items.

  • Ad-Boosted Chests: Occasionally, you may come across chests that can be opened or enhanced by watching a short video advertisement. By spending a few seconds watching the ad, you can claim additional coins or improve the rewards contained within the chest.

Make sure to take full advantage of these chest rewards as you play Royal Match. By collecting coins from various chests, you can significantly increase your in-game currency without spending any real money.

8. Completing Bonus Levels for Extra Coins

Bonus levels are another great way to earn free coins in Royal Match. These levels are often designed to be more challenging and engaging than regular levels, providing players with an opportunity to test their skills and earn extra rewards. By successfully completing bonus levels, you can significantly boost your coin balance, allowing you to progress further in the game without spending real money.

Here’s what you need to know about bonus levels in Royal Match:

  • Unlocking Bonus Levels: Bonus levels are usually unlocked after reaching certain milestones in the game or as part of special in-game events. Keep an eye on the game’s notifications and announcements to learn about upcoming bonus levels and how to unlock them.

  • Difficulty and Strategy: Bonus levels are typically more challenging than regular levels, so you may need to adopt new strategies or make use of boosters to complete them successfully. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tactics and learn from your mistakes to improve your gameplay.

  • Coin Rewards: Upon completing a bonus level, you will be rewarded with a generous amount of coins. These rewards are often significantly higher than what you’d earn from regular levels, making bonus levels an attractive option for players seeking to boost their coin balance.

  • Limited Time Availability: Bonus levels may only be available for a limited time, so make sure to complete them while they’re active. Failing to do so may result in missing out on valuable coin rewards.


By incorporating bonus levels into your Royal Match gameplay, you can substantially increase your in-game currency and enhance your overall gaming experience. Combined with the other methods mentioned in this blog post, such as using online generators, participating in social media giveaways, completing in-game events, inviting friends, and collecting coins from chests, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy Royal Match without constantly worrying about running out of coins. Keep exploring new strategies and opportunities, and happy gaming!

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