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Crush It Like a Pro: The Ultimate Candy Crush Saga Strategies You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Welcome to the vibrant and hypnotic world of Candy Crush Saga! A universe where tasty candy treats reign supreme and every swipe of your finger can set off a cascading explosion of color and sweetness. This game, a cornerstone of the match-three genre, has held millions of players in its sugary grip since its release in 2012. But with thousands of levels to conquer, the journey through the Candy Kingdom can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

Are you stuck on a level that seems impossible to crack? Or are you a Candy Crush newcomer, keen on avoiding common pitfalls and mastering the game from the get-go? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to discover the ultimate Candy Crush Saga strategies that will elevate your gameplay to a whole new level.

In this guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of the Candy Crush universe, providing you with an array of tips and tricks. You’ll learn how to make the best use of special candies, the power of strategic gameplay, and much more. So, strap in and prepare for a game-changing journey through Candy Crush Saga!

1. Master the Magic of Special Candies

In the enchanting universe of Candy Crush Saga, special candies are your most potent weapons. Created when you match four or more candies, these powerful tools have unique abilities that can cause spectacular chain reactions and help you meet your objectives faster. Let’s dive deeper into how each type works:

  • Striped Candies: These candies are the result of matching four candies in a straight line. Depending on the direction of your swipe, they will either have horizontal or vertical stripes. The alignment of the stripes indicates the direction they will clear candies in. For example, a vertically striped candy will clear an entire column from top to bottom when matched, while a horizontally striped one will clear a whole row from left to right. Use these strategically to clear candies, jelly, or blockers that are hard to reach.

  • Wrapped Candies: Wrapped candies are your personal candy dynamite. They appear when you match candies in a ‘T’ or ‘L’ shape. When matched or activated by the effects of other special candies, they explode, clearing all surrounding candies in a 3×3 square. But that’s not all! Once the initial explosion occurs, the wrapped candy will explode one more time, clearing yet another layer of candies or jelly. This two-phase blast is excellent for clearing objectives or creating more space on the board.

  • Color Bombs: The superstars of Candy Crush Saga, color bombs are formed by matching five candies in a straight line. When swapped with a regular candy, they obliterate all candies of the same color from the board. This not only helps you gather a large number of points but also shakes up the board, often leading to additional matches.

  • Coloring Candies: The rarest and perhaps the most exciting of all special candies, coloring candies are created when you match six candies in a ‘T’ or ‘L’ shape. When swapped with a regular candy, they will change all candies of that color to their own color. Furthermore, if you swap a coloring candy with another special candy, all candies of that color will turn into the special candy, creating a wave of sweet chaos on your board.

Mastering the creation and use of these special candies is a crucial strategy in Candy Crush Saga. Whether it’s setting up the board for a color bomb or positioning a striped candy for a precise strike, understanding how to manipulate the board in your favor will significantly enhance your gameplay.

2. Discover the Power of Bottom-Up Strategy

As you delve deeper into the exciting world of Candy Crush Saga, you’ll come across various strategies that can help you conquer those tricky levels. One such strategy, simple yet effective, is playing from the bottom of the board.

In Candy Crush Saga, new candies drop from the top to replace those you’ve cleared. When you make matches at the bottom of the board, the candies above fall downwards, often leading to a cascade of additional matches. These cascades, sometimes called ‘chain reactions’ or ‘combos’, allow you to clear multiple candies without using extra moves. It’s like getting free progress!

This bottom-up strategy significantly increases your chances of triggering these cascades. By focusing your moves at the bottom, you influence a larger portion of the board with every match, potentially causing a domino effect that can lead to unexpected and beneficial results. You might end up creating special candies unintentionally or achieving a difficult objective without directly making a move for it.

However, keep in mind that while the bottom-up strategy is generally beneficial, there are times when you might need to deviate from it. For instance, if you’re playing a level with specific goals at the top of the board or if there are blockers hindering the fall of new candies. In such cases, prioritize those objectives over making matches at the bottom.

Embrace the power of the bottom-up approach, but also be flexible and adapt your strategy according to the unique demands of each level. This balanced approach will serve you well as you journey through the Candy Kingdom.

3. Master the Art of Saving Your Special Candies

In the fast-paced, color-filled world of Candy Crush Saga, it can be tempting to use your special candies the moment they appear on the board. After all, who doesn’t love a beautiful explosion of sweets? However, part of mastering the game involves knowing when to hold back and save those special candies for a strategic moment.

While special candies can certainly help clear the board and rack up points, their true power lies in their potential to be combined. A color bomb is fantastic on its own, but swap it with a striped candy, and you get a spectacular firework of striped candies across the board, clearing multiple rows or columns at once. Similarly, a combo of a wrapped candy and a striped candy results in a big candy that clears three rows AND three columns. These combinations can be game-changers, especially in more challenging levels where every move counts.

So, instead of rushing to use your special candies, take a moment to consider your options. Can you maneuver your special candy to combine it with another one? Is there a possibility of creating a more powerful combo that could help you clear your objective faster?

Remember, patience is key. In some cases, it might take several moves to position your special candies for a combination, but the resulting effect often justifies the effort.

However, like all strategies in Candy Crush Saga, this too requires balance. If you’re near the end of your moves and still far from achieving your level objective, it might be best to use the special candies separately rather than waiting for a combo opportunity that may not come. Also, in time-limited levels or those with specific objectives, it might be more beneficial to use your special candies immediately to quickly reach your goals.

In addition, be mindful of the potential risks of holding onto your special candies for too long. For instance, a dreaded chocolate or a liquorice swirl might multiply and cover your special candy, blocking you from using it. Therefore, it’s essential to weigh the potential benefits against the risks before deciding to save your special candies.

Mastering the art of saving and strategically using your special candies can dramatically elevate your Candy Crush Saga gameplay. It adds an extra layer of strategy and anticipation to each move, making your journey through the Candy Kingdom even more exciting and rewarding. So the next time you spot a special candy on your board, remember – a moment’s patience could lead to a sweet explosion of success!

4. Conquer the Challenge of Edge Jellies

In the deliciously addictive universe of Candy Crush Saga, some levels require you to clear all the jellies on the board to progress. These jellies often add an extra layer of complexity to the game, especially when they are located at the corners or along the edges of the board. They are tricky to remove due to their less accessible locations, which offer fewer opportunities to make matches. But fear not, as conquering these pesky edge jellies is not an insurmountable task!

First and foremost, prioritize these corner and edge jellies from the beginning of the level. Even though they might seem hard to reach, there are multiple ways to clear them:

  • Use Special Candies: Special candies are your best friends when it comes to dealing with hard-to-reach jellies. Striped candies, for example, can clear an entire row or column, potentially reaching jellies tucked away in corners. Wrapped candies can clear a 3×3 square, which, if positioned correctly, can include an edge or corner jelly. Color bombs or coloring candies, when swapped with a candy adjacent to a corner or edge jelly, can also help clear these stubborn obstacles.

  • Create Combos: Combining special candies can create powerful effects that can help clear jellies in difficult locations. For example, a striped candy combined with a wrapped candy will clear three rows and three columns centered on the wrapped candy. A color bomb combined with a striped candy will turn all candies of that color into striped candies, creating a board-wide striped candy effect.

  • Take Advantage of Cascades: Remember our earlier tip about starting from the bottom? This strategy can cause cascades that might inadvertently clear jellies on the edges or corners.

  • Plan Your Moves: Take your time and plan your moves. Look for opportunities to make matches near the jellies or to maneuver special candies into position.

Remember, in levels where you need to clear jellies, they are your primary objective. Other accomplishments, like reaching a high score or creating numerous special candies, are secondary. Always keep your eyes on the goal and strategize your moves to clear those jellies, especially the ones on the corners and edges.

With patience, strategy, and a little bit of luck, even the most stubborn jellies won’t stand a chance against your candy-crushing prowess!

5. Stay Focused: Know Your Priorities

As you journey through the mesmerizing Candy Kingdom, you’ll encounter a wide variety of level types, each with its unique objectives. Some levels require you to reach a certain score, others want you to clear all the jelly, collect ingredients, or remove blockers. With such diverse goals, it’s crucial to keep a clear mind and stay focused on your priorities for each level.

Here are some strategies to help you prioritize effectively:

  • Understand the Level Objective: Before you make your first move, take a moment to understand the level’s objective. Is it to collect a certain number of ingredients? To clear all the jelly? Or simply to reach a particular score? Your strategy should align directly with the objective. For instance, if you need to collect ingredients, focus on making matches under the ingredients to bring them down faster.

  • Strategize Your Moves: Once you know the objective, strategize your moves to fulfill it in the most efficient way. For instance, in ingredient levels, vertical striped candies can help bring ingredients down faster. In jelly levels, a well-placed wrapped or striped candy can clear multiple jellies at once. Always aim to use your moves in ways that bring you closer to completing the level objective.

  • Be Mindful of Limited Moves or Time: Some levels have a move limit, while others have a time limit. In these levels, every move or second counts. Prioritize creating special candies and combos that will help you achieve your objective faster. In timed levels, making rapid matches can earn you time-extending candies, so keep an eye out for those.

  • Keep an Eye on Obstacles: Some levels include obstacles like chocolates, licorice swirls, or bombs. While these may not be your primary objective, ignoring them can hinder your progress. For example, chocolates multiply if not cleared, potentially overtaking your board. Bombs will end your game if not cleared within a certain number of moves. So, while your focus should be on your primary objective, don’t forget to keep these potential threats in check.

In the end, Candy Crush Saga is all about strategic planning and execution. Understanding and focusing on your objectives will help you navigate through the levels more efficiently. So, keep your goals in sight, and let every swipe bring you closer to victory!

6. Utilize the Power of Boosters and Extra Turns

As you navigate through the captivating world of Candy Crush Saga, you will occasionally find yourself face-to-face with particularly challenging levels. These may seem like insurmountable hurdles, but fear not, because you have a secret weapon at your disposal: Boosters and Extra Turns!

Boosters are special items that can give you an edge in your candy-crushing journey. They can be earned, won, or purchased and have various effects that can help you conquer even the most challenging levels. Here’s how to make the most out of them:

  • Use Them Strategically: Boosters like Lollipop Hammer, which can crush any candy, or the Sweet Teeth, which can eat up all chocolate, blockers or bombs on the board, are powerful tools. However, they are also limited. Before using a booster, consider whether it will significantly impact your success in the level. Using a booster only to find you’re still far from completing the level is a wasted opportunity.

  • Combine Them with Special Candies: Some boosters, like the Extra Moves or the Jelly Fish, can be combined with special candies for an even more potent effect. For instance, combining the Jelly Fish with a striped candy can lead to a board full of striped jelly fishes, which can make a huge difference in jelly levels.

  • Consider Starting Levels with Boosters: Certain boosters, like the Color Bomb, can be activated at the beginning of a level. This early advantage can set the tone for the rest of the game and potentially make your objective much easier to achieve.

In addition to boosters, Candy Crush Saga also offers the option to buy extra turns. If you’re only a few moves away from winning a level, purchasing extra turns could turn the tide in your favor. However, be mindful about using this option as it can quickly deplete your in-game currency.

In a nutshell, boosters and extra turns are powerful tools that can help you overcome even the toughest Candy Crush Saga levels. Use them wisely, and they can be the key to advancing through the game’s most challenging stages. Remember, it’s not just about the candies; it’s about the strategy behind every move and every booster used!

7. Understand the Potential of Patience

In the fast-paced world of Candy Crush Saga, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of matching candies and clearing levels. However, one of the often-overlooked strategies in mastering this game is understanding the potential of patience. Yes, you read that right. Sometimes, slowing down and taking a moment to think can be the difference between getting stuck on a level and sailing through with flying colors.

Here’s how you can harness the power of patience in your Candy Crush Saga journey:

  • Analyze Before You Swipe: Before you make a move, take a few moments to analyze the board. Look for potential matches, especially those that could lead to special candies. Consider the effects of your potential move. Could it lead to a cascade of matches, or could it disrupt a potential five-candy match on the other side of the board?

  • Plan Your Moves: Instead of swiping the first match you see, plan your moves in advance. Think about how you can move candies to set up for a special candy or a powerful combo. This is especially important in levels with limited moves.

  • Wait for Shuffles: If there are no available matches on the board, the candies will shuffle themselves. Sometimes, this can work in your favor by creating potential matches or special candies that were not possible with the previous candy arrangement.

  • Don’t Rush to Use Boosters or Buy Extra Turns: If you’re stuck on a level, it can be tempting to use boosters or buy extra turns to get past it. However, sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective. Try the level again after a break, or even the next day, and you might find that you can clear it without using any aids.

  • Take Breaks: Last but not least, remember to take breaks. It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re stuck on a level, and frustration can lead to hasty decisions. When you feel your patience wearing thin, step away from the game for a bit. You’ll come back refreshed, with renewed focus and strategy.

Candy Crush Saga isn’t just a game of colorful candies and sweet explosions; it’s a game of strategy, planning, and yes, patience. The more you learn to harness these skills, the more you’ll find yourself advancing through the levels, conquering challenges, and truly enjoying everything this delightful game has to offer. So, take a deep breath, take your time, and let the power of patience guide you to victory!

8. Connect and Compete: The Perks of Social Integration

In the sweet world of Candy Crush Saga, the joy of crushing candies and progressing through levels can be further amplified by connecting with your friends. This game, like many others today, offers various social integration features that not only add a competitive edge but also provide numerous in-game benefits. Here’s why you should consider linking your Candy Crush Saga to your social media accounts:

  • Lives Galore: In Candy Crush Saga, you have a limited number of lives, and once they’re gone, you either have to wait for them to refill over time, purchase more, or receive them from friends. By connecting to Facebook or other social media platforms, you can send and receive lives from your friends. This way, you’re less likely to be stuck waiting around for a life refill when you’re itching to conquer that next level.

  • Friendly Competition: Candy Crush Saga allows you to compare your progress and scores with your friends. This friendly competition can motivate you to push further and reach higher scores. It’s always fun to see your name at the top of the leaderboard among your friends!

  • Level Unlocks: Some parts of the Candy Crush Saga map require you to either fulfill certain tasks or ask friends for help to proceed. If you’re connected to social media, you can ask your friends directly, making your progression through the game smoother.

  • Shared Achievements: Every time you complete a challenging level or achieve a new milestone in the game, you can share it with your friends. Celebrating your victories together makes them even sweeter.

  • Help Each Other Out: In addition to sending and receiving lives, you can also send and receive boosters and other helpful items to your friends. This mutual aid can make some levels much easier to navigate.

However, be mindful of your and your friends’ preferences when it comes to social gaming. While some friends may appreciate a request for lives or help with a level, others may not. It’s always a good idea to respect each other’s gaming and social media habits.

In summary, integrating your social media with Candy Crush Saga can enrich your gaming experience, turning your candy crushing journey into a shared adventure. So, invite your friends, challenge each other, and let the sweet competition begin!

9. Don’t Shy Away From Daily Bonuses and Events

In the delightful universe of Candy Crush Saga, every day brings new opportunities to enhance your gameplay and progress. Daily bonuses and special events are integral parts of the game that reward you with helpful boosters, unlimited lives, or other game-enhancing goodies. Here’s why you should not shy away from these delightful surprises:

  • Daily Booster Wheel: The Daily Booster Wheel is your chance to win a free booster every day. Simply spin the wheel and claim whatever booster it lands on. This could be anything from a Lollipop Hammer to a Color Bomb or even a Jackpot! Incorporate this into your daily Candy Crush Saga routine to stock up on handy boosters.

  • Sugar Track: The Sugar Track is a feature that rewards you with Sugar Drops. The more Sugar Drops you collect by playing levels, the more prizes you receive, including various boosters and unlimited lives for a certain period. It’s like a sweet, rewarding side quest in your Candy Crush Saga journey!

  • Special Events: Candy Crush Saga often hosts special events that offer amazing rewards. These events might involve completing certain challenges, reaching particular milestones, or participating in global events. The rewards can be substantial, so it’s always worth participating.

  • Daily Treat Calendar: Some versions of Candy Crush Saga feature a Daily Treat Calendar. By simply opening the game daily, you can receive sweet treats, which could include boosters, unlimited lives, or even in-game currency.

Remember, these features are designed to enhance your gameplay and help you overcome challenging levels. By actively participating in these daily bonuses and events, you can amass a wealth of useful items that can make your candy crushing journey even more enjoyable and successful.

So, embrace these daily delights, and let them guide you on your path to becoming a Candy Crush Saga champion. Every spin, every Sugar Drop, and every event is a step closer to sweet victory!


In the delightful and mesmerizing world of Candy Crush Saga, the path to success is paved with strategy, patience, and a keen understanding of the game’s mechanics. Whether you’re a newbie taking your first steps in the Candy Kingdom or a seasoned player looking for ways to enhance your gameplay, these tips and tricks are sure to help you on your journey.

Remember, every level is a new adventure waiting to be conquered. So, take a deep breath, strategize your moves, make the most of your special candies, and let your journey through the Candy Kingdom be a testament to your candy-crushing prowess.

Still hungry for more tips and tricks? Check out Candy Crush Saga’s official blog for the latest news, updates, and expert strategies. For a more interactive experience, join the Candy Crush Saga community where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and learn from other passionate players. For a visual guide to mastering Candy Crush Saga, there’s a wealth of video tutorials available on their official YouTube channel.

No matter where you are in your Candy Crush Saga journey, remember: it’s not just about reaching the end – it’s about enjoying the game, challenging yourself, and sharing the fun with friends. Now, get out there and crush some candies!

Happy crushing!

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