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Evony: The Art of Conquest and Control – A Guide for Newcomers and Veterans

Evony is a popular multiplayer online game that combines strategy, city-building, and diplomacy. It invites players to build and grow their own city, train an army, and engage in battles with thousands of other players around the world. Despite its seemingly simple premise, Evony is a game of depth and complexity, requiring strategic thinking, careful planning, and a keen sense of diplomacy. In this blog post, we will share some general tips and tricks to help both newbies and veterans conquer the game of Evony more effectively.

Tip 1: City Management

City management is the fundamental aspect of Evony and is often the difference between flourishing or struggling. Here are some key strategies to ensure effective city management:

Starting Small: It’s easy to get excited and want to expand quickly, but successful city management in Evony starts with a strong foundation. Concentrate on your first city, ensuring it has a robust economy, defensive capabilities, and a sturdy military presence. Once your first city is self-sufficient and thriving, you can consider expanding.

Building Placement: Where you place your buildings can impact their efficiency. For example, placing your farms, sawmills, quarries, and mines close to your town hall reduces the time taken for your workers to deliver resources.

Resource Management: Resources are the lifeblood of your city. Prioritize resource generating buildings and keep them upgraded. Farms, sawmills, quarries, and mines will provide the food, lumber, stone, and iron your city needs to grow and thrive. Pay attention to your city’s resource needs and adjust production as necessary.

Population Happiness: Maintaining your population’s happiness is crucial for efficient resource generation. A happy population is more productive, which means more resources for you. Use entertainments like taverns and various research technologies to keep happiness levels high. Don’t forget to hire a high-level hero as mayor to increase the happiness in your city.

Research and Technology: Your academy is where you research new technologies, which are vital to your city’s growth and strength. Technologies can increase resource production, enhance military capabilities, and provide various other bonuses. Prioritize technologies that align with your current goals. If you’re focused on resource production, for instance, you might want to research Agriculture and Lumbering first.

City Defense: While you’re focusing on growing your city, don’t neglect its defense. Building and upgrading walls, researching defensive technologies, and maintaining a home guard can dissuade attackers and protect your resources.

Remember, a well-managed city is the backbone of your empire in Evony. Take the time to build and nurture your city, and it will serve as a strong foundation for your conquests.

Tip 2: Military Strategy

Military strategy in Evony extends beyond just amassing an army. Here are some detailed strategies to help you effectively manage your military and lead them to victory:

Balance Your Forces: Different troops have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Archers are excellent at long-range attacks but can be vulnerable up close. Cavalry are swift and can deal substantial damage, but they are weak against pikemen. Infantry are sturdy and can absorb a lot of damage, but they are slow. Siege units are crucial for attacking cities, but they are defenseless against direct attacks. Maintaining a balanced army can help you adapt to different battle situations and give you an edge over opponents who rely on a single type of troop.

Train Constantly: Keep your barracks busy. A strong army is key to both offensive campaigns and city defense. The more troops you have, the better your chances of success in battles and city sieges.

Scout Before Attacking: Never go into a battle blind. Always send scouts to gather information about your target before launching an attack. This can give you valuable insights into the number and types of troops you’re up against, the level of the city wall, and even the amount of resources you can loot.

Defend Wisely: Defense is just as important as offense. Keep your city well-guarded with a home army and make use of your city walls and defensive fortifications. Research defensive technologies to improve your city’s resistance against attacks. And remember, you can hide your troops when you’re offline or under threat of a strong attack. The “hide” function in your rally point can prevent your troops from being wiped out when an overwhelming force attacks.

Use Heroes Wisely: Heroes play a crucial role in your military strategy. High-level heroes lead your troops more effectively, increasing their attack power and defense. Make sure to equip your heroes with the best available gear to further enhance their abilities.

Leverage Terrain and Weather: Evony’s combat system takes into account factors like terrain and weather. Using these to your advantage can give you an edge in battles. For example, archers are more effective in clear weather, while heavy infantry perform better in rainy conditions.

Remember, a sound military strategy involves a mix of strong offense, stalwart defense, constant scouting, and strategic use of heroes and environmental conditions. Implement these strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to military dominance in Evony.

Tip 3: Diplomacy

Diplomacy is an essential part of Evony that often goes overlooked. However, it’s through diplomacy that you can build powerful alliances, avoid unnecessary conflict, and even turn enemies into friends. Here are some strategies to enhance your diplomatic skills:

Join an Alliance: This should be one of your first steps in Evony. Alliances offer numerous benefits – protection from enemy attacks, help in times of need, shared knowledge, and companionship. A good alliance can act as a shield in times of war and a sword when you’re on the offensive.

Communicate Effectively: Good communication is key to successful diplomacy. Whether you’re negotiating a non-aggression pact, planning a joint attack, or simply getting to know your alliance members better, clear and respectful communication goes a long way.

Negotiate with Other Players: There will be times when you clash with other players, and that’s okay. It’s part of the game. However, not every disagreement needs to lead to war. Diplomacy allows you to negotiate with other players, potentially avoiding conflict and fostering mutual respect.

Establish Non-Aggression Pacts: Non-aggression pacts (NAPs) are agreements between players or alliances that they will not attack each other. NAPs can provide a sense of security, allowing you to focus on building your cities and growing your army without the constant threat of attack.

Form Alliances with Neighboring Cities: It’s beneficial to form alliances or at least mutual understanding with the cities near you. These cities are your immediate neighbors, and having them as friends rather than foes can provide a buffer against attacks.

Respect Others: Lastly, remember that every player in Evony is a person. Treat them with respect and remember that everyone is playing the game to have fun. A little respect can go a long way in establishing positive relationships with other players.

In conclusion, while military might and city management are important in Evony, don’t underestimate the power of diplomacy. Building positive relationships with other players can lead to a more enjoyable and successful game experience.

Tip 4: Questing and Events

Questing and participating in events are essential components of Evony that can significantly accelerate your growth and provide a plethora of rewards. Let’s delve deeper into each aspect:

Complete Quests Regularly: Evony offers a range of quests that can be completed for rewards. These include Main Quests, which guide you through the game’s progress; Daily Quests, which can be completed multiple times per day; and Production Quests, which reward you for producing resources.

Each quest grants rewards such as resources, troops, or items, contributing to your city’s development. Moreover, quests also serve as a guide, especially for beginners, leading you through the steps of building a city, raising an army, and engaging in combat.

Understand the Quest Mechanics: To make the most out of quests, it’s essential to understand their mechanics. For instance, Daily Quests reset after a certain period, allowing you to complete them again. Production Quests are based on your production output, so increasing your production rates will allow you to complete these quests faster.

Leverage Quest Rewards: Quest rewards aren’t just about resources. They often provide speed-ups, which can reduce the time required for construction, research, or troop training. Make sure to use these wisely to accelerate your growth.

Participate in Events: Evony hosts numerous events, ranging from combat-focused to city development. These events provide opportunities to earn special rewards, including rare items, troops, and more. Moreover, events often involve cooperative play with your alliance, fostering a sense of community.

Plan for Events: Some events in Evony occur regularly, while others are special occasions. Familiarize yourself with the event schedule and plan accordingly. For instance, if there’s a resource gathering event coming up, you might want to hold off on collecting your resources until the event begins.

Compete but Stay Safe: Events often involve competition between players or alliances. While it’s tempting to strive for the top ranks, remember to balance competition with safety. Engaging in a major battle for an event can leave you vulnerable if you don’t plan accordingly.

In conclusion, quests and events are valuable tools for growth in Evony. They offer abundant resources and rewards that can significantly boost your progress. Participate actively, understand the mechanics, and plan wisely to make the most of these opportunities.

Tip 5: Patience and Planning

Patience and planning are essential virtues in the world of Evony. The game is not just about quick victories; it’s about strategic growth, thoughtful expansion, and long-term success. Here’s how you can incorporate patience and planning into your Evony game strategy:

Long-Term Planning: Evony is a game that rewards foresight. From deciding the order of research in your academy to planning city expansions, a well-thought-out plan can save you resources and time. Try to envision your end-game: What kind of city do you want to build? What is your preferred army composition? What role do you want to play in your alliance? Answering these questions can guide your decisions and help you allocate your resources more effectively.

Resource Management: It can be tempting to spend all your resources as soon as you get them, but strategic resource management often means waiting until the right moment. For example, it might be worth saving resources for a big upgrade or a large troop training session.

Timing Is Key: In Evony, many actions take time, such as building upgrades, research, and troop training. Learning how to manage these timers is crucial. For example, you might want to line up a long research or building task to run overnight, so you’re not left waiting during your active playtime.

Patience with Progress: Remember, Evony is not a game to rush through. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Embrace the game’s pacing and enjoy each step of progress.

Real Money Spending: While Evony offers options for speeding up progress with real money, it’s not necessary to enjoy the game or be successful. If you choose to spend money, do so wisely, and don’t let it take away from the strategic aspects of the game. Remember, a well-planned strategy can often outperform raw spending power.

Adapt and Learn: Even the best plans may need to change as the game progresses. Maybe a more powerful player moves in nearby, or perhaps your alliance’s goals shift. Be patient, adapt your plans as necessary, and learn from each new situation.

In essence, patience and planning in Evony are about strategic decision-making, effective time management, and thoughtful adaptation to changing game circumstances. With these skills, you can enjoy steady progress, survive the challenges thrown your way, and find your place in the world of Evony.

Conclusion: Mastering the World of Evony

Evony is an intricate game, a digital world teeming with possibilities. It’s a realm where strategic city management, military prowess, diplomatic finesse, questing expertise, and the virtues of patience and planning coalesce. In this arena, players from around the globe vie for power, form alliances, wage wars, and build empires.

Mastering Evony is not a matter of swift victories or rash decisions. It’s about understanding the game’s multi-faceted dynamics and learning how to utilize them to your advantage. It requires a strategic approach to city management, ensuring your cities grow and prosper. It needs a keen eye for military tactics, understanding when to strike and when to defend. It calls for diplomatic skills, knowing when to negotiate and when to stand firm. It demands a sense of adventure, always ready to embark on quests and participate in events. And above all, it requires patience and planning, the ability to look beyond the immediate gains towards long-term success.

Yet, amidst the strategies and tips, it’s essential not to lose sight of why we play games like Evony in the first place: for enjoyment. Games are about having fun, about escaping into a different world where we can explore, create, and challenge ourselves. So, while you’re navigating through the complex world of Evony, remember to take a moment to appreciate the journey, the camaraderie, and the joy of playing.

Whether you’re a newcomer setting up your first city or a veteran commanding vast armies, these tips and tricks are designed to enhance your Evony experience. But they are just a starting point. Evony, like any rich strategy game, is a canvas where you can paint your own story. So, go forth, experiment, explore, and most importantly, have fun. The world of Evony awaits!

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